DJ’s/Producers... THOSE are Shadoe’s people!  And now, especially my DJ brothers & sisters are STUCK!  NO Gigs = NO Income for a lot of folks. Producers/Artists are having to cancel sessions!  Shadoe is offering a 25% discount for anyone wanting to order VO/Imaging until this crisis is over and you can safely return to work.  This way, you can afford to return with some killer imaging for your show or next project!  Contact us for a rate request using the contact page!  STAY SAFE!  Cheers, Team Haze!

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Award-winning writing, production, and voice imaging for radio, television, movies, and professional DJ's all across the 3rd Rock!

When it comes to imaging that represents you, your art, and your business, Shadoe Haze is the voice to have in your ear.  Whether it's a "soft and warm" read, an "alternative rock" sound, or a "beat you with your own arms in front of your neighbors" drop that you're looking for... Shadoe is your voice.